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LED Technology


When the first light bulb was invented, the incandescent light bulb, it meant a big change in the progress into the lighting as had been that way at first, and then gradually they were changing habits.

At first they used candles to light when the sun was gone or in rooms that were more in shadow than in light, and people went to bed early because the candles were expensive and could not be wasted.

However, with the incursion of bulbs was a change. But that did not change everything, because when they created a new light bulbs revolutionized everything, especially the lighting market with LED bulbs.

And is that, the LED technology, who has made a breakthrough and a giant step in the lighting industry. The benefits obtained with this technology is the fact of a life of 50,000 hours, low consumption with savings of over 80% in some cases, which do not melt nor reduce the intensity of light as it passes time and do not produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation has made them the choice of more than one home use.

And the same applies to public areas that are increasingly to LED bulbs and technological applications to save and also benefit from the benefits of LEDs

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