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Led Lighting for furniture


We are pleased to announce a new collection of small led lighting for furniture, the new line consists of  recessed  spotlights in order to be displayed  standwhere when the space is very limited. This is a miniature bulbs ideal for spot lighting and suitable for all types of furniture. Proper display lighting can give prominence to a cabinet or a corner that would otherwise mostunnoticed.

We all know the advantages of the LED compared to traditional bulbs and even compared to the low power consumption. Have a higher electrical efficiency and produce no heat, have a life of more than 50,000 hours (about 35 years lighting them four hours a day) and on top of that they  have a higher resistance to shockbecause they have no filament.

These miniature LED lights are easy to install and can be used to guide the light to a specific area or object.

Our PEARL R1-500 does not emit UV radiation and is well suited for exhibitors and showcases of jewelryand cosmetics. We will ensure good lighting, the level of traditional bulbs, but with a considerable energy saving.

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