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Swarovski elements 2012 Lighting & Spaces

Swarovski presents the latest in swarovski elements 2012 Lighting & Spaces and the new 2012 collection.
New  amazing pendants  shape with color effects for the first time in the range of lighting Swarovski Elements

DAHLIA is timeless, its shape and exceptional brightness captivates us with its multiple facets. Its streamlined design from a traditional form inspires both modern designers as the most conservative. Available in 38 and 50mm.


Pirouette is a modern version of a hanging ball that could easily convert a traditional lamp with a new glamorous and romantic touch. Its versatile design allows this piece to combine both modern pieces and traditional forms. Available in 20.40 and 60mm. In the large size is perfect eye-catcher as decoration or as a central part of the big lamps.

BIRD WING is the first organically within the entire collection of lighting that makes it a pioneer in his field piece. Its shape patterns played between organic and alignment of the facets. It is extremely versatile. Available in 50,63,76 y89mm



OLOID This piece features a carved unusually multifaceted. Depending on your perspective may seem symmetrical or asymmetrical and represents a completely new design. Available in four sizes 38,50,63


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