1. Is it possible to visit your facilities?
Of course, our customers can visit us whenever they want, however we recommend you call first and make an appointment with our salesmen in order to assist you as you deserve and avoid delays.

2.Do you sell the finished product, lamps?
Our main market is the lighting components, we do not sell lamps, we sell all the components to perform them. Only in the division aimed at hardware stores, we have some household consumer products such as embed lights and outdoor fixtures.

3. Could I place orders through the web?
At the moment we do not offer this service but we are working to incorporate it soon.

4. Could I see the price of your products?
The prices of our products will be accessible only to those registered clients who are identified with their user name and password.

5. Do you have physical catalog?
We have catalogs from all product lines we offer, but the most updated information about our products you will only find it in our web.

6. What will I find in the customer area?
If you are a registered customer can access your private area where you will find personalized information about your account with us, such as, Information about your account, Commercial conditions, Order book online, Payments, List of most purchased items, statements.

7. Will I know if the material is available?
Once you are registered and identified, you´ll have completely access to prices and the stock available at that time.

8. Do you sell to individuals?
Koala doesn´t sell to individuals, Koala´s clients belong to the Manufactring or Hardware area.

9. Do you sell the authentic Swarovski crystal?
We have a relationship with Swarovski & Co Austria for more than 30 years. We are currently a high-recommended warehouse and distributor of all divisions of their components. Lighting,  jewelry and textiles.

 10. Do you sell Swarovski jewelry?
We are dedicated to the manufacturing sector do not sell to private individuals nor the finished product. We sell the components for jewelry manufacturers.

11. What is your deadline?
We have a very broad range of products, more than 20,000 items and we have a warehouse of 5000m2, the variety is so wide that we cannot have permanent stock of all items.
If the item requested is available, it can be delivered in about 48 hours, depending on destination. If we do not have them in stock, once we have accepted your order, we will indicate the delivery time at once.